"D.C." is no longer on the WB's line-up.


Mason's new girlfriend (Nancy St. Alban) is embroiled in a political sex scandal. A powerful lobbyist (Daniel McDonald) orders Pete to deliver a mysterious package. Finley falls for a doctor (Alan Van Sprang).

From Wanda at E! Online

You'll find out Sarah has a nasty side. In an upcoming episode, Mason's going to get a job with another senator, where he proposes a parental-responsibility amendment. He helps Sarah out by giving her an interview she needs, and she basically stabs him in the back, putting his legislation in danger.

Next week, a love triangle starts forming between Pete, Sarah and Lewis. It turns out Sarah and Pete had a fling in high school. Also, Pete and Mason go for the same job at the State Department, rattling their friendship, and Finley gets her dream job at the Smithsonian Institute.